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The following page contains gig reviews, performance feedback and general comments received from various people during the course of Jane's musical journey. Feel free to send Jane your own comments via the forum elsewhere on this website, or simply CLICK HERE to e-mail your thoughts!


Jane is now looking to expand her horizons and perform in more venues in and around The Midlands and beyond. Contact Jane for further information or a demo CD.

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Jane Booth Music reaches Canada!

"Hello Jane. It was my sincere pleasure to find your site during my travels online. I must say I'm very impressed. You have many gifts and I wish you success in all your endeavours. May you achieve all in life you so desire. My name is Micheal Teal. I found your site and accomplishments most interesting. Your talents are many. May joy and prosperity be yours always."

Micheal Teal, Ontario, Canada

Rhythm and Booze Gig Review

Monday 19th November 2001 @ The Marrs Bar, Worcester

The following gig review appeared in the January/February 2002 edition of the Rhythm and Booze fanzine:

"Monday night is live recording night down at The Marrs Bar where bands get the opportunity to get a decent live recording for a more than reasonable fee. The first act to tread the boards was singer-songwriter Jane Booth alone with her guitar and collection of songs. The opening song of Jane's set was the country tinged 'Why?' that showcased her strong songwriting ability alongside her subtle laid back voice and acoustic guitar playing. As her set developed her songs took us through more folky material and even touched on the blues. Songs such as 'Gradual Love' and 'Paradise Postponed' were sung from the heart with such conviction and warmth that you couldn't help but be drawn in. The gorgeous 'Only You' was the highlight for me with the incredibly fragile guitar barely supporting Jane's fantastic voice."

Chris Bennion (Editor)

Rhythm and Booze Music Magazine Review

The following review of Jane's "Everything But Yes" CD, written by William Munn, featured in the September/October 2001 issue of this local music magazine:

"Jane Booth is a singer-songwriter from Kidderminster who has played a number of gigs at such venues as The Marrs Bar, Little Civic and The Dragon. The six tracks on here shows Jane to be a superb songwriter and musician, her sound has elements of country and folk in her acoustic laments. Lyrically the songs are well written and intelligent covering a number of topics including being told what to do on 'Remember to be You' and achieving your dreams on 'Follow Your Heart'. Musically Jane backs herself with refrained subtle guitar work allowing her gorgeous vocals to be the forefront of the sound. The songs are mellow acoustic journeys that come straight from the heart, the likes of 'Everything But Yes' and 'Only You' are wonderfully passionate, the latter of which has Jane singing almost acapella, which creates a wondrous spellbinding performance that had the hairs on my neck tingling. There are few singer-songwriters that really catch my attention but Jane Booth is an exceptional talent that deserves your attention."

Will Munn (Editor)

The Robin 2, Sunday 19th August 2001

Eyes Wide Open, with support from Marshal Green and Jane Booth

"Thanks for your support at the Robin, I only wish that there was more of a crowd to appreciate you. Your voice is amazing and I really hope it takes you a long way."

Gaz Wormsley, drummer with Eyes Wide Open


"I've got your CD. Well done!! You've got an excellent voice, and nice songs. I especially like Paradise Postponed! (My mate) Jimmy said he thought you sounded like Joan Baez. I'm off to listen to your CD again."

Tim Hodge, Mooncow

Gig Reviews and Reports...

Sunday 22nd April 2001 - The Little Civic, Wolverhampton

"I was really impressed with your gig last night, you were great, it was a treat to go out on a Sunday evening, I'm usually slumped in front of the TV. Wishing you great success in your second career, let me know when you need a manager, I'd have to trendy up my image though!"

Karen Williams

"It was a pleasure to come to your gig. Really enjoyed hearing some live music. Well done - some of your songs and melodies are great."

Rachel Andrew

"Thought you were excellent at the Little Civic and the second and third songs - "Why?" and "Paradise Postponed" - really put your stamp on the performance."

Gary "Poet Dog" Nolan

Tuesday 6th February 2001 - The Dragon Inn, Worcester

"I meant to email you Wednesday, but the days have just disappeared! Just wanted to say that we enjoyed Tuesday night - I hope Jim's booked you again...Good Luck with it all."

Pauline Couper

The Queen's Head, 22nd September 2000...

"What can I say that i didn't the last time? Another resounding success!!! Only the desire of watching Steve Redgrave win his 5th Gold at the Olympics stopped the audience wanting Jane to carry on playing into the early hours....

The night was a resounding success with Jane emptying the bar as all the regulars came into the lounge to hear her.. thats a first in itself as they are usually glued to their spot.

We are now looking forward to our christmas party nights when Jane will be entertaining diners in our function room, and hopefully, a booking in the New Year in the pub itself, unless of course, her diary starts to get full, because it won't be long before this taleneted young lady will be in great demand!"

All the best,


(Landlord, The Queen's Head)


Friday 28th July 2000 - The Queen's Head, Wolverley

"As Landlord of the Queens Head, I feel I should add my comments to the review page. One word sums up Janes performance .. " Fantastic".

It was a gamble for me booking enetertainment as we are not known for it. I have only been licensee for a few months, and wanted to try something different, and what a success it proved to be. Janes covers were great, but her own numbers were to be heard to be believed. As a true romantic myself, I could empathise with the true feeling in the words .. as well as striking a few cords in my own past life, as with many others.

Since the evening, I have been asked by many, not if we are going to have entertainment again, but "Is Jane coming back?" I am pleased to say the answer is YES!!!!

On the night, I said, " I don't think we will ever see Jane on Stars In Your Eyes, because Jane has her own style, but in years to come, we may see someone copy her. I also said there were three special qualities about her performance that you dont get very often;


1 You could hear every word she sang clearly

2 She provided her own music with no backing tapes and

3 We were treated to lots of original music.

From all at the Queens Jane, thanks for a great night!

We look forward to our date in September".

Best wishes,

Nigel D Addison

Landlord Queens Head, Wolverley.

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